How to fund COL Financial account via BPI Express Online?

    After two days I sent my opening forms and requirements I already received an email confirming that my application is approved. The email contains my account number as well as some instructions that are helpful in starting COL Financial journey. In order to activate the online account and start investing it is important to first fund your account. There are several ways to fund COL Financial account. I chose BPI Express Online since I have a savings account with them and has sufficient fund to transfer to my COL Financial account.


Here's the step-by-step procedure in funding your col financial via BPI express online:

1. Go to BPI Express Online . Make sure that you're enrolled in BPI Online Banking for you to proceed. If not, Enroll first your BPI account. Click the personal log-in.

2. Enter your Username and Password and SUBMIT.

3. Under Payments & Reloading, click Bills Payments, then, click Enroll all other Bills.

4. Under Bill information, select COL FINANCIAL GROUP INC. (COL) as enrollee merchant. Choose from where account you're getting the funds from ( if you have multiple accounts). Then, enter the two (2-) digit Joint Account Indicator, code located at the lower right hand corner of your BPI ATM card. Enter COL Financial account number (8 digit code username sent by COL) on the space under reference number. Click SUBMIT.

5. Under Payments & Reloading, click Bills Payment, click Pay Bills Today, Under Pay, choose your COL Financial Account, Enter your desired amount and choose BPI account from where your payment will come from.

6. You will receive a confirmation email from BPI if your payment was successful. You will also receive a confirmation email from COL once they received your first fund for your COL account.

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